Kall Me Karter

Kall me Karter. That’s not my name but you can call me that. This is my blog that I made on my computer. I might write some interesting stuff on here. I might not. There’s no telling. You’ll just have to follow along and see. I’ll start this thing off by telling you nothing about myself. Instead, I’ll tell you what I think about blogs. I don’t get them. How long does it take for people to start caring about what you say? Do you just ramble and hope something sticks? That’s what I plan on doing. Blogging seems fun. This can be whatever I want it to be, I guess. I like sports and movies so I’ll probably talk a lot about sports and movies. I might even talk about sports movies. I like to do random stuff so I’ll probably write about lot of random stuff. How much am I supposed to write? I don’t think I’m gonna put a word count on this blog. I’ll just write what I feel. See y’all suckaz later.
-Karter Rawlins​


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