How to Ace an Interview

Yesterday I had an interview for an internship. I probably aced it and you can too if you follow these five simple steps!

1. Dress to Impress

If you’re a college student, dress like the douchebags you see on campus. If you’re in high school, dress like the kid who has a brother in college because he probably dresses like a douchebag.

2. Look ‘Em in the Eye

Walk into the room and look the interviewer dead in the eye. Do NOT look away before they do. This will establish your dominance and they’ll have no choice but to hire you.

3. Networking

Make sure your daddy has friends in the business. It’s not about what you know, it about who you know.

4. Firmly Shake Interviewer’s Hand

If you’re shaking a man’s hand, squeeze as hard as you can. He’ll be so distracted by your strength that he won’t worry about your qualifications. If you’re shaking a woman’s hand, flex your bicep as you do it. If she likes what she see, the job is yours.

5. Breathe

You’re going to get nervous. It happens. But if you pass out during the interview, you might not get called back. So breathe.



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