The Rawlins Review: Top 5 Takeaways from Game of Thrones S6E2 “Home”

After all the shock and awe of the season opener, there was no way this follow-up episode would disappoint. And it didn’t. Just like last week, I wrote this a few days after I saw the episode so I might’ve missed some stuff but here’s the top five things I remembered.


1. Bran is back

Bran watches his young dad fight
After being absent from season five, the cripple is back. The three-eyed raven showed Bran a flashback of his dad and uncles learning how to sword fight. Ned’s beloved sister was also in the vision. We also learned that Hodor used to be named Willis and could say more than just his own name. I just wanna know where my boy, Rickon, is.

2. Arya might get her eyes back

Blind Arya
I’m pretty sure that faceless guy whose name I can’t remember is the one who’s been fighting Arya. He tries to get her to tell him her name in exchange for food, shelter, and her eyesight but she refuses. He seems to like that. Maybe he’ll train her again and give her another shot at seeing again.

3. Khaleesi was AWOL

Captured Khaleesi
They didn’t show Khaleesi at all in this episode. What a letdown. They did show her chained up dragons, though. Tyrion set them free. He also delivered another memorable line: “I drink and I know things”.

4. The Wildlings took over Castle Black

Wildlings at Castle Black
The Night’s Watch failed at one of their only jobs: keeping the wildlings on the other side of the wall. It’s a huge wall but also has a big beautiful door that giants can easily bust through (subtle Trump reference). I hope they kill Olly and everyone else who killed Jon Snow.

5. Ramsay needs to be put down

Ramsay and Roose Bolton
There’s never been any doubt that Ramsay “Bolton” is batshit crazy. He chopped Theon’s dick off and raped Sansa. But in this episode, he got a little darker. When it was announced that Roose’s wife gave birth to a son (aka a true heir), Ramsay straight up shanked his dad. Then he let a pack of dogs tear his new baby brother to shreds. Fucking crazy. I’ll never listen to “Who Let the Dogs Out” the same way.

I think that’s pretty much all that happened in this episode. Pretty standard, really. Lots of death, lots of misery. No hope. No sunshine.

Oh wait


Jon Snow is alive
Melisandre pulled through and brought Jon Snow back to life! She seemed very unsure of her ability to do this but I’m glad it worked because seeing her display real emotions was pretty unsettling. I know I said I didn’t want Jon to be resurrected but seeing him take a deep breath at the end of the episode was extremely satisfying.


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