Detective Karter: The Case of the Tight Latina


UPDATE: After some more research (I found the Ivone sexy amateur video), I have concluded that Mike Webb has some sort of fetish for women getting fucked on red furniture

According to the fine folks on Twitter, black men love Latinas. Congressional candidate Mike Webb is no exception. When he posted some shit earlier today about a prank call he got a while back, he forgot to X out of his porn tabs. Rookie mistake. This was apparently brought to his attention and he jus made up some weird excuse about trying to see if porn would infect his computer or whatever the fuck an FEC is. I don’t believe him. I think he just got done giving himself a little southern comfort and forgot to destroy the evidence before he posted it on his page.

But that’s not what I’m here to prove. I want to know what the rest of his Layla Rivera tab says. It describes something about her as tight. The next two letters are B and O. This leads me to believe either her booty or her body are being described as tight. I will take this investigation to Google.

Here are the search results for “layla rivera tight booty”:

There were no word for word matches so I had to check each video to see if any of them revealed her booty as being tight. After a lack of booty-centric videos, I tried the second search.

Here are the results for “layla rivera tight body”:


Word for word match. After viewing Miss Rivera in various positions, I can conclude that she does indeed have a tight body. If you’d like to check for yourself, search it up and look for the clip with the red couch.

-Mike Webb is lying (COMMON SENSE SAYS YES)
-Layla Rivera has a tight booty (INCONCLUSIVE)
-Layla Rivera has a tight body (YES)


Send your cases to Detective Karter and I’ll do my best to solve them.


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