The Rawlins Review: Top 5 Takeaways from Game of Thrones S6E4 “Book of the Strangers”


sansa and jon snow book of the strangers

1. Lots of reunions

Jon Snow and Sansa were reunited for the first time since Jon joined the Night’s Watch! Possibly one of the greatest reunions I’ve ever seen. Theon and his sister were reunited. He wants her to rule the Iron Islands. Margaery was finally let out of her cell and allowed to see her brother, Loras. Ser Jorah the Friendzone Knight and Daario went to where all the Dothraki were to try and rescue Khaleesi. When faced with trouble, Jorah tried the Dale Gribble pocket sand trick and almost got murdered. Luckily Daario broke the rules and brought a knife.

tyrion lannister book of the strangers

2. Tyrion Lannister: Master Negotiator

Tyrion has always been pretty good at talking his way out of sticky situations. I don’t remember their names bt there are powerful people who fund the Sons of the Harpy and Tyrion wants them to stop. He gave them the choice of keeping slavery for the next seven years instead of giving it up entirely. We’ll see what they decide.

ramsay bolton book of the strangers

3. Ramsay kills again

Men, women, and children. There’s no one Ramsay Bolton the Bastard Lord won’t kill. That includes Wildlings. Osha tried to seduce Ramsay in order to kill him, but she underestimated how cunning Lord Bolton is. During her seduction attempt, he stabbed her in the neck with a knife.

Jon Snow reading Ramsay's letter

4. Come and See

Ramsay sent Jon Snow an ominous letter detailing how he planned to rape and murder Jon and his siblings, Sansa and Rickon, unless Jon surrendered to him. Jon doesn’t have a lot of men, but he does have the Wildlings and some giants. Hopefully that’s enough to wreck the Warden of the North and his 5000 men.

5. Khaleesi brings down the house

For breaking the rules, Khaleesi’s fate was left up to the khals. Or so it seemed. As they were deciding what to do with her, she informed them that they were all about to die. Then she set those fuckers on fire! Since she’s a dragon, she can’t be killed by far but that doesn’t mean her clothes can’t. She walked out of that hut naked and glorious and everyone knee bent for her including Jorah and Daario’s. Badass Khaleesi is back.


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