Detective Karter: The Case of the DePaul Noose

A favorite pastime of SJWs (besides shitting on everything deemed normal) is creating fake hate crimes. These stories get picked up by journalists with no interest in fact checking and become headline news in no time. They eventually implode and everyone goes about their lives with little to no repercussions.

The most recent hoax comes from free-speech hating DePaul University. A student claims to have found a noose on campus. That sounds pretty scary. Someone needs to investigate.

Detective Karter is on the case.

Now before I show you a picture of the alleged noose and solve this case without having to really do anything else, let me visit Mike Cernovich’s method of busting a media hoax.

1. Reject the narrative

Most hate crime hoaxes fit a narrative. Right now, the narrative is that white supremacism is running rampant on college campuses. The kind fuckers at DePaul are especially pissed because Milo Yiannopoulos (@Nero) was recently semi-allowed to speak on campus. I say “semi-allowed” because if SJWs don’t agree with you, they’ll make sure you don’t get to speak. The first amendment means nothing to them. A noose on campus fits perfectly with this narrative. The question of widespread racism is unquestionable and so is this “noose” and what it represents.

2. Examine the process. Ask: How could this have happened?

For this to have happened, someone first off would have needed to get some rope. Then they would have had to tie it into a noose. Finally, they would have had to go to a tree on a college campus and tie it to one of the branches without letting anyone see. Unless they were brazen or the other students just didn’t give a fuck that somebody was putting a noose in the tree. But I think they’d care.

3. Fact check (if possible).

Always get the facts. In this case, there’s a picture of the alleged noose floating around on the internet. Here it is:

depaul noose
Wait a minute. That’s not a fucking noose. Looks like some shitty twine on a dirty sidewalk. If that counts as a noose, I’m pretty sure my mom has one in her room. Racist bitch.

racist twine

And here’s the original tweet which has since been suspiciously deleted:

depaul noose tweet

-Crime perfectly fits the narrative
-No witnesses
-Lack of a fucking noose


Verdict: Hoax. No question.


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