The Rawlins Review: Game of Thrones S6E7 “The Broken Man”

Not one of the best episodes. I had summer school shit to do so I didn’t have time to write. Here’s what I can remember.


the hound

1. The Hound is back!

The episode starts off by showing the Hound resurrected and working in some hippie commune. He stills thinks violence is the answer whereas the charismatic leader of the cult believes in peace. Guess who gets slaughtered at the end of the episode?

Lady Mormont

2. Lady Mormont

Jon and Sansa get bitched at by a ten year old badass. She doesn’t give a single fuck. She only has 62 men and she doesn’t plan on wasting them in a suicide mission. In the end, Ser Daavos the Child Whisperer wins her over.

Margaery Tyrell

3. Margaery won’t fuck Tommen

Apparently Tommen told the High Sparrow that Margaery isn’t having sex with him. She was just imprisoned and her brother is still imprisoned. She’s got a lot on her mind. Just be like your fake dad and go fuck some whores. Don’t whine to an old man about it.


4. Jon Snow recruits the Wildlings

Jon gave a great speech and got backed uo by a giant. The Wildlings will fight for him and for their own survival.

Jaime Lannister

5. No Khaleesi/Yara’s a lesbian/Jaime

There was no Khaeesi in this episode as far as I can remember.

I always suspected that Yara was a lesbian. I was right.

Jaime bitchslapped some dude for being a dumbass and then parleyed with the Blackfish who really just shit all over him. It’ll be interesting to see what strategy Jaime has for beating this guy.

Oh yeah Arya got stabbed in the gut. She’ll probably  live.

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