The Rawlins Review: Game of Thrones S6E8 “No One”

My roommate interrupted me while I was watching this last episode so who knows if I got it all.


cersei and the mountain

1. Cersei is Fucked

Tommen’s bitch ass announces to everyone that trial-by-combat has been outlawed. That means the Mountain is essentially useless to Cersei for right now. She’s going to have to go to trial and will probably die. But I bet Jaime revolts and saves her before then.


2. The Hound’s unsatisfying massacre

The Hound killed some people with his axe but they weren’t the ones who slaughtered his hippie commune. Those guys were about to be hanged by the neck and he only got to hang two of the three or something like that. I can’t remember. All I remember is it wasn’t as awesome as I expected.

arya stark

3. Arya is no one

Arya got away from that evil assassin bitch who stabbed her in the gut. She went to kill the many faced guy whose name I can’t remember but he tried to act like it was all a test. I think he just didn’t want to get killed.

brienne of tarth

4. Braime?

Podrick and some other guy I can’t remember speculate on whether Jaime and Brienne have fucked. They probably have. I bet she was aggressive.


5. Brief Khaleesi

Khaleesi strolled into the room fresh off a dragon. She didn’t say anything but she was pretty badass.



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