The Rawdyssey Online: There Are No Bad Texters, Just Bad People

Have you ever texted someone you really wanted to talk to but they left you hanging for hours? Days? Months? Years? Then they hit you with “oh sorry im a bad texter lol”

Yes you have and here’s why:


And they don’t have the balls to say it so they ignore the shit out of you hoping you get the hint. Very passive aggressive. Very shitty.

“I was driving”

“My phone died”

“I didn’t feel like texting you back”

These are all believable and respectable excuses. “I’m a bad texter” is right above “I didn’t see your text” on the list of shitty excuses.

What the fuck do you mean you’re a “bad texter”? If you have an iPhone, when you get a text all you gotta do is swipe and type. I don’t know how Androids work but I’m guessing it’s pretty similar.

And the “I didn’t see your text” excuse? You mean you didn’t see the damn red dot with the number in it indicating the number of unread text messages you currently have? You didn’t see that? Or you read my message to get the red dot off and then forgot all about me?

Bottom line is if people wanted to text you back, they would. If they don’t, they won’t.

There are no bad texters, just bad people.


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