The Rawlins Review: Game of Thrones S6 FINALE “The Winds of Winter”

Holy. Fucking. Shit.

That finale was amazing.


cersei lannister

1. Cersei pulled a Timothy McVeigh

I wondered what kind of trick Cersei would pull when trial by combat was banned but I did not see this coming. There was a ton of wildfire under the city and Cersei had it all rigged to blow up while everyone important met up for the trial. Margaery knew something was fishy and tried to help everyone get out but the High Sparrow thought he knew better. Then they all BLEW THE FUCK UP! MARGAERY! LORAS! THE HIGH SPARROW! DEAD! Shit was insane. Somebody got crushed by a giant bell.

king tommen baratheon suicide

2. The witch’s vision was fulfilled

When Cersei was young, a witch told her she would have three children and they would all die. Joffrey and Myrcella were both poisoned. Tommen was the last one left for a while but couldn’t handle it when he witnessed his wife and “friends” blow up. He calmly walked out of a window and plummeted to his death. Now Cersei and Jaime have no children left.


3. The show’s savior has been banished

After she saved Jon Snow, Ser Daavos remembered to be pissed at the Red Woman for killing off Stannis’ scaly daughter. He asked Jon Snow to kill her but Jon banished her instead. Seems like a shitty thing to do to someone who brought you back from the dead.

arya stark kills walder frey

4. Arya avenged Rob

Arya caught up with Walder Fre and fed him Black Walder and someone else I can’t remember in a pie. Kind of like a cross between Sweeney Todd and that scene from The Help. Then she proceeded to slit Walder’s throat. Rob and her mother would be proud.

lyanna stark

5. R+L=J

It’s finally been confirmed that R+L=J! It seems like Rhaegar Targaryen impregnated Lyanna Stark after he imprisoned and raped her. She then entrusted her son, Jon, to Her brother Ned who promised to protect him. This means Jon is part Targaryen and also still part Stark. Could it mean he goes mad, though? Will he have to fight or marry Khaleesi when she eventually makes it to Westeros?

We’ll have to wait til Season 7.

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