Justin Timberlake has Been Deemed a Racist by “Woke” Twitter

This morning I woke to a tweet saying something to the effect of Justin Timberlake being a racist. I thought holy shit he must’ve said the n-word on live TV or something awful like that. Then I saw the tweet that sparked all of the controversy.

He was inspired by a speech and was subsequently berated for it. White people aren’t allowed to be inspired by black people it seems. Sorry, MLK. Then he responded to some of the criticism and that’s where things got really ugly.

justin timberlake response
He said we were all the same. That’s a no-no to “woke” Twitter. That’s essentially like saying #AllLivesMatter quietly to yourself and being overheard by a #BlackLivesMatter supporter. They will not be satisfied until you’re publicly executed. In fact, his tweet was accused of being written in the style of #AllLivesMatter (which apparently, they don’t).

Cultural appropriation is when a white person makes money off of the same talents that a black person has. At least that’s what the cries over Timberlake’s tweets have sounded like. He’s been accused of leeching off of black music. He started off in a boy band and then went solo. Was he supposed to keep singing boy band type mysic by himself? What’s wrong with branching out? Like a typical celebrity trying to avoid being brutally murdered by crazy SJWs, he apologized for his tweets.

justin timberlake apology
He was forced to publicly apologize for being inspired by a speech and believing all humans are equal. When I put on my “woke” goggles, though, I notice that he basically says “sorry you felt that way”. I hope that’s what he meant.

Keep dragging.

Stay woke.

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