Amy Schumer has Thin Skin

The other day I was at my grandma’s house watching TV when a Bud Light commercial came on. I usually like Bud Light commercials. They’re usually either funny or they’ve got a puppy and a big ass horse going to the ends of the earth to be together. The one that I saw that day had neither one. What it did have was Seth Rogen and Amy Schumer making possibly the most cringe inducing commercial I’ve ever seen in my entire life. They sat at a table and complained about the fucking wage gap myth. Who the fuck wants to listen to a couple of millionaires act like they care what you get paid? They probably got paid what it would take most of us a few months to make, if not a year or so.

Fucking spare me.

And I don’t know if they tried to do that commercial in one take but the acting was atrocious. Their words were not believable. I couldn’t feel it. It was all very forced and not funny at all. I hope I never see that commercial ever again. When he’s not being cucked by Mike Cernovich, Seth needs to stick to his “middle-aged slob who smokes weed and gets the girl” routine and when she’s not failing to turn political statements into funny sketches, Amy needs to stick to her “whore who demands respect” routine. Even then, I don’t think Schumer’s funny at all, though. I didn’t even crack a smile during Trainwreck. Seth Rogen was great until a little after Pineapple Exress when he became an SJW.

Like any American with a grievance they know doesn’t actually matter or won’t really get fixed, I took to Twitter. I reported to my followers that Seth and Amy made the worst commercial in television history.

Seth Rogen and Amy Schumer commercial tweet
I was promptly blocked by Amy Schumer.

amy schumer blocked me
She does not handle crticism very well. Just search the term “blocked by amy schumer” on Twitter and you’ll find so many people who were blocked for having the audacity to dislike any of Amy Schumer’s pandering garbage she peddles as comedy. Earlier this year she called a guy out for saying he spent the night with her and probably wasn’t the first guy to say that. Her career was built on jokes about her being a whore but other people can’t joke about it. Kind of like how only people of a certain race can make jokes about that race. The guy ended up apologizing like a little bitch but she should’ve just laughed or ignored the joke. Or at least stolen it.

I guess her skin’s the only thing about her that’s thin.

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