The Media Hates Cops and Thinks You’re an Idiot

The media hates cops. Plain and simple. When a cop kills someone (perferably an unarmed black man), journalists jump all over that story before the shell hits the ground.

Today’s story is about a woman who got into a standoff with police and was subsequently shot and killed. Her five year old child was also injured in the standoff she initiated.

If the cops come to arrest you because you have outstanding warrants, you should probably comply. That way you don’t get killed. This isn’t that complex.

The story is pretty straightforward. Woman has warrants. Cops come to arrest her. She points a gun at them. They get into a three hour standoff. Shots are fired and she’s killed. 

How is she the victim?

She’s not, but the media would have you believe she was.

The Washington Post ran with the headline “Korryn Gaines is the Ninth Black Woman Shot and Killed by Police This Year

They turned the cops into the bad guys. Why did eight other black women get killed this year? Were they also pointing guns at police officers? Terrible headline. They’re trying to get people pissed off about cops killing criminals.

The Independent dabbled in some irresponsible clickbait when they tweeted “23-year-old woman holding five-year-old son shot dead by US police“.

The headline conveniently cuts out the part about the standoff when posted online. This was posted before most of the facts even came out. Last I checked, authorities weren’t sure where the child was during the shooting so anyone saying she was holding the kid are mistaken at best and a liar at worst.

The cesspool known as ThinkProgress went with the headline “Police Fatally Shoot Woman Holding 5-Year-Old Boy in Her Lap“.

Notice the tag “justice”. I think justice was served. The headline makes it seem as if this woman was chilling at home with her kid in her lap when police burst through the door and shot her dead.

All of these “articles” and their headlines were written to stoke the flames of hate for cops. They want to see another attack like the one in Dallas. They don’t give a fuck.

Most “journalists” are just pussy liberals who preach peace but yearn for violence. They just don’t want to get their hands dirty, so they get the feeble-minded enraged. Not everyone buys their bullshit, but they have a wide enough reach to make sure someone will.

I put “articles” and “journalists” in quotes because news articles nowadays are no more than opinion blog posts.

The people writing these posts think you’re stupid. They think they can control your way of thinking. They think you’ll suck up their propaganda and remain brainwashed.

Prove them wrong. Learn the facts. Do your own research.

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