Rawlins Review: Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad came out a couple weeks ago and was destroyed by critics. I’m not sure why. It wasn’t that bad. I do think it could’ve done with some tweaking, though. Inalso think Harley Quinn and Captain Boomerang need their own movies. Here are my top fove takeaways from the movie.


harley quinn suicide squad

1. Harley Quinn was fucking hot

Back when I found out that Margot Robbie was picked to play Harley Quinn, I knew I was going to watch this movie. She was incredible to watch. Good performance as Harley. She was pretty crazy and obsessed with the Joker like she should’ve been. Very hot, too. The guy a few seats down from me said “Oh my God” every time she came on screen. Every time. She needs her own Harley Quinn movie. I don’t care what she does in it or what it’s about, I would 100% watch it.

jared leto joker suicide squad

2. Jared Leto’s Joker was awful

I didn’t like this new Joker at all. He was more like James Franco’s character from Spring Breakers than the Clown Prince. They made him out to be some kind of pimp/strip club owner. He wasn’t scary and didn’t seem sadistic. He mostly killed people by shooting them. Not very clever. Plus, he’s not supposed to he in love with Harley. They made it out to be like they were romantic with each other. The Joker’s a dick! He just uses and abuses Harley and she’s too obsessed with him to leave. He looked like shit and I don’t know why they gave him silver teeth and tattoos. I wish Heath Ledger didn’t die.

jason todd robin

3. Harley Quinn killed Robin?

When they show the back stories for the squad, Harley’s title card thing says she amy be responsible for killing Robin. I think it has to be the Jason Todd version even though the Joker killed him. If she did kill him, it’s weird that Batman just locked her up when he caught her. It’s even weird that he saved her from drowning. Since he’s breaking his own rules now he might as well have avenged Robin’s death and let her drown.


4. Premise was weird

The only reason the Suicide Squad had to be deployed was because the lady who made the Suicide Squad fucked up and let the Enchantress get loose. She only had control of the Enchantress so she could make the Suicide Squad. If she wouldn’t have tried to make the Suicide Squad, she wouldn’t have needed the Suicide Squad.


5. Where were the superheroes?

A non-human entity was destroying a major city and no superhero thought to check it out? I know Superman’s “dead” but that doesn’t mean there aren’t others who could help out. Batman didn’t show up to help, Flash didn’t, Wonder Woman didn’t. The world was on the verge of being destroyed with only a group of villains standing in the way and no super being on the planet thought to try and put a stop to it. They didn’t even know about the Suicide Squad. Pretty shitty bunch of heroes on both sides it looks like.

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