Happy Gilmore Predicted Trump’s Election

1. Brash Outsider

Happy Gilmore wasn’t a golfer, he was a hockey player with a bad temper. Donald Trump was a media mogul, not a politician. They both had a raw edginess that drew people to them and made them favored over their stiff, seasoned opponent.

2. Team to Keep Him on Track

Chubbs and Virginia were to Happy what Kellyanne Conway was to Trump. She kept him mostly on track so he wouldn’t lose too much popularity among his voters and so he’d possibly sway those who were on the fence. Trump’s team also restricted him from Twitter in the last days of the election just like how Virginia made Happy restrain himself a little in the last days of the final tour.

3. Fought Lesser Opponents

Trump fought anyone and everyone who came after him during the election when his only real opponent was Hillary Clinton. She should’ve been his focus, but he just likes to fight. Happy’s opponent was Shooter McGavin but he never fought him. He tried to with a broken bottle and beat him head to head in the end, but the only people he actually fist-fought were a heckler, his caddy, an alligator, and Bob Barker. 

4. Upset the Favorite to Win

Shooter McGavin was a pro. He was a veteran. There was no way he should’ve lost. He should’ve utterly and ruthlessly destroyed Happy Gilmore to the surprise of nobody. But he didn’t. Happy Gilmore rose from a failed hockey player to a rookie golfer to a champion and beat Shooter McGavin at his own game, making him look like a sore loser and a fool in the process. The same thing happened with Trump and Hillary. She was the favorite to win. All the polls and news outlets had her winning in a historic landslide. She even won the popular vote. But just like Happy, who lost a majority of the tournaments, Trump won where it mattered. He won the electoral vote and the presidency.

5. The Results Were Challenged but Ultimately Accepted

Shooter McGavin was not happy with Happy’s big win. He was so unhappy that he stole Happy’s gold jacket and tried to run off with it, challenging the legitimacy of Happy’s victory. In the end, Shooter got his ass beat and Happy went home with the gold jacket and the deed to the house that his grandfather built with his own two hands. Jill Stein was also not happy with Donald Trump’s victory in the 2016 presidential election so she staged a recount of the votes. The result was the same. She basically hustled all of her followers out of millions of dollars. In the end, Donald Trump was inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States on January 20, 2017.

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