Why Won’t Deadspin Editor Tim Marchman Fight Me?

In late January, Deadspin was expertly trolled by the Zodiac killer himself, Ted Cruz. They did not respond kindly to being owned. The exact words offered as a rebuttal were “Go eat shit”. The person responsible for the tweet, Ashley Feinberg, lashed out at hecklers before succumbing to the realization that Cruz had gotten the better of her. It was a joke, but it was one that editor Tim Marchman couldn’t take.

He went off. He started ranting about how the joke was weak and berated those who thought it was funny. He went so far as to challenge Cruz’s defenders to a fight in the UFC octagon. Tweeting him wasn’t enough to secure a fight, though. You had to be able to do a pushup and send him a formal email.

I decided to take him up on the offer. I wrote him a quick email and expected to hear back in a timely manner.

Others also accepted his invitation, including Army vet and MMA fighter Tim Kennedy. (I’d probably leave that one on “read” and delete it if I were Tim.) The question I have is, why hasn’t he responded to anyone or at least to me? I’m not the most physically intimidating guy out there but I’d put up a good fight. He should at least be able to back up his words with actions. If he gave me the go-ahead, I’d fight him.

He seems to have gone into hiding. He hasn’t tweeted since he made the offer and has even went as far as to delete all of his tweets. The last time I checked, his timeline consisted only of two Curt Schilling retweets. Looks like his mouth wrote a check that his ass couldn’t cash.

Come on, Tim. Don’t be a little bitch.

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